If ever asked how much of your success would you say is up to you, what would you respond ?

Creating a mindset for success is imperative in many aspects of your life. If you blame your problems and failures on other people, your circumstances or even your genetics then you’ll be doomed to fail.

There are 3 different elements with regards to accountability

  1. Responsibility – It’s easy to claim responsibility to success, but what about to failure ? When you are truly responsible, you understand that both success and failure are up to you. You can decide on the level of commitment to a task before you even take action.
  2. Self empowerment – This is you putting in the work to achieve your goals. This is you stepping out of your comfort zone and accepting the actions that need to be taken and the risks involved when achieving your goals.
  3. Personal accountability – Unlike responsibility (the before) or self empowerment (the during), personal accountability is the after. This is the ability to answer for the outcomes of your choices and your actions. This is your ability to stop blaming others and making excuses. This is you taking responsibility for the outcome.

I’m sure you can relate to trying to achieve the same goal over and over again right ?

So what does this mean when trying to lose weight, get fit, run your first 10km or compete in your first iron man ?


We all make half-hearted promises to ourselves, only to get frustrated and break them soon after. And that’s fine (and understandable). But for a different result, we need a different sort of commitment. Keep your eye on the prize

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. The best thing you can do right now is start.