8 Tips to stay on track!!

After many requests, these are my 8 tips to help you stay on track. Read them carefully, process them and be done

1. Set Goals 

Argh, i generally hate this. Why ? Because every time a client joins my program their goal is to lose some ridiculous amount of weight. The truth about weight loss is to set goals non-related to your body fat percentage. What do you plan on doing once you’ve reached your goal of losing 5kgs ? Lose another 5 ? and another ? Focus on setting goals that can motivate you. The first goal I ever set was to do my first half marathon. What comes with running everyday ? Weight loss. Funny that. Also, losing weight is boring especially if that’s the only goal you have.

2. Stay clear of super skinny models

I used to be THAT girl you know, the one that you probably are now. Looking at all these skinny people and wondering when you’re going to look exactly like them. Truth is, you probably never will. Don’t allow models to create unrealistic self standards. As women we need to strive to be the best version of ourselves and just feel comfortable and happy with our bodies. That could be at 60kgs or at 90kgs.

3.Act on the now

Through years of having my eating disorder I would avoid every event possible that would put me in a situation where I had to eat “bad” food or drink alcohol with friends on a night out. I would rather stay inside in a known environment and just be on a diet all alone. Let me tell you where this got me, nowhere. Restriction is the reason I developed binge eating disorder in the first place. If I can give you any advice it would be to take the vacation, visit your friends, go out on dates and live out your goals now! This is a journey, why would you want to make your journey shit by staying in the environment you’re most comfortable in. Shift your mindset from “punishment mode” to a rewarding and empowering one so that you can stay motivated.

4. Stock up on good, convenient foods

Quite simple really, if you buy shit, you’ll eat shit. Visit the supermarket once a week when you’re in a good frame of mind and stock up on all the necessary foods that are going to help you stay on track. It’s very easy to go over your calories when your’re sitting on the couch in the evening chugging down chocolate ice cream from the tub. All i’m saying is you buy whatever you want to buy, but we both know that Ouma’s rusks are high in calories and contain barely any nutrients.

5. Ditch the daily weigh in

I mean, who even wants to base their progress by the number on the scale each day ? Not me. Take the fucking scale and drive over it with your car. As women our weight is influenced by SO MANY different factors and the scale lies! Not to mention the fact that if you take the typical bathroom scale and weigh yourself on lets say, the bathroom floor tiles you wont weigh the same as what you would if you weighed yourself on a carpet or a different surface. They are literally the most inaccurate form of measuring progress. If you want to measure progress measure your waist, take progress photos, look in the mirror. Flip!

6. Surround yourself with people that aren’t shit heads

Suzie at work who eats her Mcdonald’s everyday and has the audacity to comment on your lifestyle choices. In all honestly, these people are everywhere, you cant escape them, they’re like flies attached to your but. Yet they tend to demotivate you while they’re sitting there increasing their cholesterol levels and gaining weight by the bite. How often have you received that comment, “Just go eat a burger or something.” Countless times. Listen Suzie, we don’t need this negativity in our lives. Pick a finger.

7. Focus on your feelings

To often we get discouraged when we don’t see our weight dropping down by the day. Rather focus on the way you felt after that morning run, the reinforcement of the feeling is good enough motivation to make you want to do it again. Most importantly, don’t give up. This is going to take time.

8. Stop trying so hard

Listen, Rome wasn’t built in a day, Calm the fuck down. You are going to drive yourself into the ground if you’re sitting on My fitness Pal trying to log the amount of cinnamon you had on your oats for breakfast. If your’e trying to lose weight, eat in a calorie deficit. Combine that with some training and healthy thoughts and Bobs your uncle. Be consistent, be patient and enjoy the journey.