Let your failures be your motivation!

People often think that reaching your goals is just a matter of working really hard and succeeding. Well that’s probably the case for 1/10 people. For the rest of us we have to work fuck hard, stuff up, gain some weight, start over, work hard, stuff up, work hard again and the cycle continues.  This is no simple Simon journey with a casual straight road to the top, no no. 
It’s a matter of living and learning day in and day out. 

I’ve had 4 bad binge days in a row, I have eaten thousands and thousands of calories in chicken nuggets, cuppa cakes, bars of chocolate and cinnabons.
And you know what, maybe I was going through some shit, maybe I was just really hungry, maybe I’m just not societies idea of an “athlete” or a “trainer.” Or maybe I’m just a human and I too stuff up once in a while. The only real failure here would be if I sat on the couch for another week stuffing my face with toasties and chocolate bars. 

Let’s not allow the shit days to control us, let’s not allow the bad days to mentally impact our months and months of hard work. I mean let’s be honest. We’re all working fuck hard here trying to lose weight, we have a couple bad days and for the majority of us thats when we throw in the towel. No thanks, I tried, what the fuck, I failed, bring me all the cake, kill me now. Diet starts Monday.

Maybe if we changed our attitude towards out lifestyle we wouldn’t end up in these situations. Maybe if we stopped trying so hard and just focused on intuitive eating and calorie deficits then we wouldn’t feel these urges to sabotage ourselves and our hard work. So let’s stop over thinking. Let’s slow the fuck down, focus on every bit of progress we make and not throw in the towel when we have a bad day.

Let’s focus on making good choices and combine that with training and and a good fucking journey.

Let’s have a good week without forgetting about the past one. These bad days, these hard times, they will be your motivation.

I’ll see you at the finish line.