Since high school I’ve had an interest in the health and fitness industry, so much so that I became obsessed with the lifestyle which eventually took a wrong turn. After being diagnosed with an eating disorder at the age of 17 I am now confident about my body image and strive to be the best version of myself. I aim to share my knowledge and experiences with people everywhere to help them implementing balance in all aspects of their lives.

In a world that is filled with social norms we are constantly being pressured to look and feel a certain way. I can understand and relate to the pressures of not feeling accepted.  As women we should feel confident and happy within ourselves and strive to be our own version of perfect. There is no idealistic body image, we should only be competing with ourselves.

I started Better with Balance to educate society about the value of time. We each have been given a single body, something that is ours that can never be taken away from us or replaced. We need to learn to appreciate it, to care for it, to feed it correctly, water it, love it, love it unconditionally. We need to learn that self love and self acceptance are very important for self growth. We need to love ourselves before we can love others. We need to be the best version of ourselves in order for us to prosper in other avenues of life.

Myself and my team are here to help you accomplish your goals and gain a better quality of life. We want to create a space where people love training and healthy eating is not a day to day chore. We want to work with every day people who are ready to put themselves first. 


I started training with Michaela in October 2016 during my five months of training I lost 23kg and had a reduction of over 80cm overall. Not only did Michaela help me by providing a training schedule, she also worked out an eating plan with me. She went the extra mile in supporting and encouraging me, especially at the times I wanted to give up. She nurtured a love for healthy living within me that I will forever be thankful for. She helped me learn new things about myself and I would recommend her to anyone, she is the absolute best!


If you’re mind set is right and you need to change your lifestyle do it with balance or go one better with balance! You will feel the difference not just in training but your lifestyle…it’s up to you to get balance in your life!


I wanted to lose weight and start training, I didn’t realise that I was so unfit. But I needed motivation. Upon looking for a personal trainer I came across Michaela’s page on Facebook and she was all that I had hoped for. She is strict and oh boy do you get your moneys worth. Her exercises are a full body workout. I am glad I started working out with her.


Michaela is absolutely wonderful! She takes personal interest in each and every client making sure that she puts their needs and abilities first. She motivates and push boundaries making the training sessions worth every minute! Thanks for always pushing me to reach my goals!!


I really love and enjoy this program. Training is easy to do and keeps you motivated. Eating plan is well structured for your lifestyle and not boring at all. Will recommend for anyone.


I just love this program! The training and eating plan is catered for your own lifestyle and goals. You are kept motivated by a training program that is constantly changing and I love the fact that it encourages a healthy, balanced lifestyle without these drastic diets that is not sustainable. Highly recommend!


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